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Tattoo removal Geneva

25% of Swiss people regret their tattoo. Whether it is an impulsive act, a lost love, an outdated choice of style or a professional incompatibility, the reasons for wanting to remove a tattoo are varied.

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· Laser-free tattoo removal, a gentle innovation:

Unlike the laser method which uses energy to break ink particles into micro-fragments eliminated by the body, our laser-free technique takes a different and innovative approach. It relies on the skin's natural mechanisms to push the ink towards the surface, facilitating its elimination without fragmenting it.

This method is effective on all ink colors, including those known to be difficult, such as yellows and certain reds, without requiring additional sessions.

Our approach guarantees the absence of burns, abrasions or scars, preserving the integrity of the skin. After complete healing, the skin returns to its natural appearance, even allowing a possible touch-up or a new tattoo on the treated area.

Laser-free tattoo removal adapts to all skin types, offering an inclusive and safe solution for everyone.


· The price to remove a tattoo or permanent makeup in Geneva

The price of a Magic Pen tattoo removal session is also determined by the size and complexity of the tattoo.

Prices for tattoo removal with Magic Pen start at CHF 159.- , all taxes included. This price is established with the doctor during the first consultation offered by Capital Care.


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· How to remove a tattoo?

In a country like Switzerland, where nearly 20% of the population proudly wears a tattoo, the desire to get rid of a body design is not uncommon. This growing trend sometimes comes up against regret, whether of a personal nature (like the memory of an ex-companion) or professional.

For those who wish to say goodbye to their tattoo or permanent makeup, an innovative and gentle solution presents itself: laser-free tattoo removal. This modern approach is based on non-invasive techniques, offering a safe and effective alternative to the traditional laser method.

Practiced in our specialized center, laser-free tattoo removal is carried out under the supervision of qualified professionals. Unlike medical laser tattoo removal, our procedure minimizes the risk of scarring and is suitable for all skin types and ink colors.

Capital Care stands out as a pioneer in laser-free tattoo removal in Geneva, offering personalized care provided by a dedicated team, from start to finish.

· On which areas can tattoo removal be performed?

Non-laser tattoo removal lends itself to all areas of the face and body, including arms, legs, neck, face, buttocks, back, chest, feet and hands, among others.

This technique is particularly popular for removing permanent eyebrow makeup, meeting the growing demand from our patients wishing to erase these lasting marks. Our laser-free method is just as effective at correcting pigmented areas, such as dark spots, providing a gentle alternative without the risks associated with laser.

In addition, our procedure can be applied to hair whitening – a technique for depigmentation of dark hairs which reduce the radiance of the skin. This option presents itself as an ideal complement to hair removal, offering aesthetic results where traditional hair removal cannot be considered.

· Eyebrow tattoo removal: how to remove permanent makeup?

Permanent eyebrow makeup, although attractive, can sometimes become a source of regret. Magic Pen offers an innovative, laser-free tattoo removal solution, ideal for those wishing to erase or correct their permanent makeup. This precise and gentle method ensures a return to natural appearance with minimal risk.

Remove your tattoo effectively thanks to the best technology and expert doctors in Geneva.

· Who can perform tattoo removal?

Using Magic Pen for tattoo removal, an innovative laser-free method, requires specific expertise. This is why this procedure is exclusively carried out by qualified professionals within our team.

Our qualified healthcare professionals supervise non-laser tattoo removal sessions. With extensive experience in aesthetics, they offer a variety of treatments, including non-laser tattoo removal with Magic Pen, catering to a range of aesthetic needs, from plastic surgery to advanced aesthetic treatments.

· How does a tattoo removal session work?

The first step in your journey to laser-free tattoo removal begins with a thorough consultation with the doctor. During this meeting, he will assess your medical history and carefully examine your tattoo, taking into account its size, depth, age, and color, in order to design a tailor-made treatment plan.

After agreeing on the plan and signing the consent form, the session can begin. Unlike laser treatment, using Magic Pen does not require protective glasses since the method is free of pulsed light. The Magic Pen device is then applied to the tattooed area to initiate the ink extraction process.

To optimize post-treatment healing, specific care is recommended, such as a soothing cream and, if necessary, a bandage. Magic Pen sessions vary in length depending on the complexity of the tattoo, but each moment brings you closer to erasing unwanted ink.

The unique experience of watching your tattoo fade with Magic Pen is both rewarding and liberating, marking the start of a new chapter.

· What are the results of laser-free red removal?

Results appear instantly after treatment and become apparent approximately one month after each session.

For optimal results, the number of sessions varies depending on the depth, density of the pigment or color used.

On average, 4 to 10 sessions are necessary to obtain satisfactory tattoo removal, spaced one to two months apart.

· What are the side effects of tattoo removal?

Tattoo removal with Magic Pen is generally well tolerated. A moderate feeling of discomfort may be felt during the procedure, similar to that of a tattoo. Minimal reactions such as slight bleeding or small scabs may appear on the treated area, indicating the beginning of the healing process.

For sensitive skin or in cases of more pronounced discomfort, the prior application of an anesthetic cream can be considered to ensure your comfort.

After the session, some clients report a temporary feeling of warmth or a slight tingling, similar to a sunburn, which usually disappears after a few hours. The natural healing process then takes over, with a very low risk of permanent scarring, thanks to the precision and gentleness of the Magic Pen method.

It is essential that this procedure is carried out by a qualified professional, guaranteeing not only the effectiveness of the treatment but also the safety and well-being of the client.

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