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Permanent hair removal laser

Capital Care specializes in permanent laser hair removal, offering prices accessible to all and adapted to your budget, whether you are a woman or a man, and whatever the area you wish to treat (body and face). We are equipped with the most efficient machines, guaranteeing effective and safe hair removal for all skin tones.


Functions and possibilities

Laser hair removal allows progressively permanent hair removal from any area of the body and face. The principle is simple, the laser will focus on the melanin of the hair and heat to such a high temperature that the entire hair will disintegrate.


This includes the destruction of the bulb, the hair shaft and all its components. Thus, the darker and thicker the hair, the lighter the skin; the better the result of the laser will be.


Laser hair removal does not work or is very ineffective on blonde hair.

On average 5 to 10 sessions are necessary to permanently eliminate body hair.

All areas of the body can be treated with laser.

The number of sessions to permanently eliminate hair can also vary from one person to another, depending on hormonal factors for example.


It is essential to shave the area the day before your hair removal session EXCEPT on all areas of the face where the hair must remain as is.

Do not confuse laser hair removal and pulsed light, which are two completely different techniques and whose results are not comparable.

What happens during a session ?

Before any treatment, the laser specialist examines the patient to check their compatibility with laser hair removal (the hair must be dark) and choose the machine and parameters adapted to the skin color. The laserist also establishes a package for the patient.


After the first consultation, the patient can begin hair removal if the area to be treated is shaved and clean. Advise by telephone if you wish to do the session directly to allow more time. Shave the hair the day before the session to avoid skin burns. The laserist and the patient must wear protective glasses. A laser shot of 5 thousandths of a second is sent with a jet of cold air to reduce the tingling. A numbing cream can be applied to sensitive areas.


After the session, the laserist applies a soothing and restorative cream. The next hair removal session will be scheduled 1 month later. The hair gradually becomes thinner and lighter over the course of the sessions, while the skin becomes increasingly smooth. Touch-up sessions may be necessary a few years later for the few isolated hairs that grow back. The laser is also effective on ingrown hairs.

Our therapist and specialist in laser hair removal

Manon T. is our qualified therapist specializing in laser hair removal. Thanks to its expertise and the use of the latest technologies, it offers safe and effective laser hair removal treatments to permanently get rid of unwanted hair. 
Trust Manon to achieve impeccable results and enjoy smooth, silky skin.
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