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The paradox of our society lies in the fact that life expectancy is increasing despite scientific evidence showing that our current way of life (diet, habits, stress, environment) accelerates the aging of our cells.


This process prematurely alters our body, leading to chronic fatigue, dysfunction and so-called civilization diseases such as hypertension, osteoarthritis, diabetes, asthma and autoimmune diseases, to name a few.


Learning about and training in the mechanisms involved in these aging processes ensures that we make the right decisions to reduce this phenomenon. Nutritional solutions and strategies, but not only, are easily accessible to achieve this.


Support and methodology

Modern medicine places great emphasis on iimportance to the treatment of diseases, but rarely pays attention to their prevention and even less to the optimization of health.


Preventive aging and anti-aging medicine is an innovative, proactive and preventive specialty based on the use of cutting-edge scientific and medical technologies. It is a holistic approach to healthcare that uses evidence-based protocols to modulate the aging process and dramatically improve quality of life.

The prevention of aging is based on four distinct pillars:

  • Medical diagnosis and therapies

  • Nutritional optimization and supplementation

  • Stress management and emotional well-being

  • Physical training and rehabilitation

With this strategic approach, Capital Care will be your guide in your quest for your new well-being.

Our expert nutritionist


Dietician with a degree in micronutrition, predictive medicine and anti-aging medicine, Anaïs Castello Sauvier is also specialized in phytotherapy and naturopathy.


Her goal: develop a personalized plan to target and sustainably achieve your goals.


For many years, she has specialized in inflammation and anti-aging dietetics. She has unparalleled expertise in the intestinal microbiota and its consequences on health, in particular cellular aging.


His passion is to understand your body to help you lose weight sustainably and regain youthfulness. It takes care of the patient as a whole, because the symptom is often the consequence of unnoticed and frequently old imbalances.


Micronutrition, a natural approach, makes it possible to solve most pathologies by acting on metabolisms and physiological balances: digestive, hormonal, emotional, immune, sleep, energy, weight and anti-aging.


Anaïs Castello Sauvier pays kind attention to each of her patients, whom she treats as unique individuals. Whatever the reason for the consultation, his priority is overall health in order to enhance your appearance. This is why she specializes in the management of chronic, hormonal and inflammatory pathologies, working in collaboration with Dr. Veber, plastic surgeon, and the health professionals of Capital Care to sustain the positive effects of your aesthetic and other procedures. procedures.


Today, the link between the intestinal microbiota and immunity is proven, as is the impact of the secretion of neurotransmitters on hormonal balance and overweight. The intestinal microbiota, the foundation of health, is at the heart of Anaïs Castello Sauvier's consultations.


She has actively participated in many working groups for 13 years to stay at the forefront of her field on the issue of anti-aging, which gives her consultations an innovative and unique character, the only one of her kind to focus on cell renewal for a more youthful appearance.

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