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Therapeutic hypnosis
  Hypnosis to stop addictions: Tobacco, alcohol, drugs...


Our brain is made up of multiple circuits (or loops) each made up of a chain of millions of nerve cells.


These chains regulate both our physiological functioning (our body) and our psychological functioning (our thoughts and our emotions). If most of the circuits contribute to our well-being, there are some that "wish us harm". This is the case, in particular, of addiction circuits (tobacco, alcohol, drugs, food problems, pathological gambling, etc.)


Therapeutic hypnosis makes it possible to act on the circuits of our brain, by modifying them, by suppressing them or by creating new ones.


The effectiveness of therapeutic hypnosis is particularly evident with regard to smoking, since in two sessions the tobacco circuit can be suppressed and the desire to smoke disappear.


According to the formula developed by the naturopath-energetician Claude Desarzens (1941-2022), Didier Wehrung offers, in addition to therapeutic hypnosis, plants and a psycho-emotional treatment which will powerfully reinforce the hypnotic program.

Stop addictions with an exclusive cocktail of natural methods: hypnosis, phytotherapy and energy therapy

The techniques practiced with the intention and purpose of the well-being of the person, in the absence of diagnosis and therapeutic treatment, are in no way similar, neither in content nor in objectives, to medical practice.

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