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Exclusive partnership : IRÄYE

We are delighted to announce that Capital Care, a renowned aesthetic surgery clinic in Geneva, has just signed a partnership with IRÄYE Lymphatic Skincare. This collaboration will allow us to provide our clients with innovative and high-quality skincare products, specially designed to support the lymphatic system.


IRÄYE Lymphatic Skincare is a skincare brand that focuses on improving the health and beauty of the skin by targeting the lymphatic system. Their products are formulated with natural and powerful ingredients to stimulate lymphatic circulation, eliminate toxins, and promote healthy and radiant skin.


By collaborating with IRÄYE Lymphatic Skincare, Capital Care is committed to offering its clients treatments and skincare products that complement and enhance the results of our aesthetic procedures. We are confident that this alliance will allow us to better meet our clients' needs in terms of skincare and overall well-being


IRÄYE : The result of decades of research

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