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Etiopathy : a therapy that gets to the root of the problem

The etiopathic method, which we offer at Capital Care, is a manual, non-drug therapy, which seeks to find the mechanical cause of a symptom. The etiopath collects the patient's complaints, analyzes them, and thanks to gentle and precise manipulations, eliminates the cause of the pain when it is of mechanical origin.
The indications for using an etiopath are numerous: low back pain, neck pain, joint pain, sprains, digestive problems (bloating, constipation, reflux, etc.) among others.


What is Etiopathy ?

There are many manual therapies, however, etiopathy is unique in its mechanistic and deterministic approach to the establishment of pathological phenomena: it seeks to find the origin of pain and to treat it when it is mechanical in origin using gentle and painless manipulation techniques.
An etiopath is trained in 6 years of study, during which he focuses on courses such as anatomy, physiology, clinical and technical courses. This allows them to treat a wide variety of pathologies. The patient can consult for an acute problem, or for an older or chronic pathology. Etiopathy offers a unique and gentle approach to manual therapy that has proven effective for many people.

Our expert etiopath


Gael Coulon is ASCA and RME approved, so her consultations are covered by most complementary insurance companies.

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