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Facial rejuvenation : rejuvenate your face without surgery or injections!

ThFace Yoga is a natural method that rejuvenates at the cellular level and reverses the aging process. Through conscious breathing techniques, you will learn how to activate energies, relax muscles, eliminate stress and calm the mind. This holistic approach offers an effective solution to regaining a more youthful and revitalized appearance.


What is Face Yoga?

The Facial yoga, also called Fasciotherapy, is an incredible practice to fight the signs of aging in a natural way, an alternative for those who are reluctant to take the step of cosmetic surgery or invasive procedures. It is also a complementary treatment after surgery to magnify and perpetuate the result. At Capital Care, our practice specializing in holistic treatments, we offer exclusive facial yoga programs that will allow you to regain youthful and radiant skin.


Our facial gymnastics exercises target the 50 muscles of the face, stimulating, revitalizing, plumping and sculpting your skin to erase frown lines, bitterness, double chin and redraw the oval of your face. Thanks to natural and gentle techniques, such as anti-aging facial massage, you will achieve remarkable results.


Incorporating facial yoga into your daily routine is easy with our personalized programs. Discover the benefits of the method of Doris Oberholzer, our face yoga expert, who also offers you bonus exercises to complete your practice.


Don't wait any longer to discover the benefits of facial yoga at Capital Care. Give your face the care it deserves and regain a youthful and radiant appearance naturally.

Our expert facial yoga


Doris Oberholzer is a holistic rejuvenation expert, personal coach, award-winning author and international speaker. With more than 40 years of experience, she is an inexhaustible source of knowledge on health and well-being.


Thanks to her certifications in Face Yoga, Doris offers a holistic care system called "Youth Capital". This unique system is designed to reverse time and allow its clients to regain a youthful appearance and vitality. She also uses her training in cosmetology, applied nutrition, and culinary sciences, as well as her training in Ayurveda, Chakra Healing, and Acupressure Techniques, to help those looking to adopt a lifestyle that preserves their youth.


Through her expertise and commitment to sharing her knowledge, Doris inspires and guides others on the path to physical and mental transformation. It offers advice and methods to preserve youth capital, regenerate the body at the cellular level and restore vitality. With Doris, it is possible to live a more fulfilling and naturally rejuvenated life.

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