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Dr. Michael Veber

Restorative plastic surgery

and aesthetic




Dr. Veber's interest in plastic surgery grew out of his fascination with beauty, art and science. He became a plastic surgeon because from an early age, aesthetic balance has been his passion and he enjoys using his hands to create with the idea of arousing an emotion in others.

Famous for his facelifts and renowned for his facial aesthetics, his long-lasting and very natural results, as well as his fast healing times, Dr. Veber receives his patients, who come from all over the world, in Geneva, Lyon, Paris and London.

Star surgeon, his practice is not limited to cosmetic surgery. A master in injections of hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin and PRP, he also offers his patients aesthetic medicine treatments, as well as preventive treatments such as Baby Botox®, Foxy Eyes, Russian Lips, without forgetting a zero imperfection Selfie Ready skin. 


His way of sculpting a face with injectable products contributes to his fame. Volumizing products and botulinum toxin allow it to control shadows and light, chisel angles, round curves, illuminate and rejuvenate a face, without any downtime.

With one or more syringes, it replaces lost or non-existent volume in the cheeks or temples, redraws the chin, the contours of the face, it modifies the shape of the nose, smoothes wrinkles and fine lines and gives the lips new proportions.

His philosophy “less is more” and his natural results make him a very prominent surgeon

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