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Dr Jacques Berthier

Head and neck surgeon and facial repairer




Dr. Jacques Berthier is an eminent specialist in otolaryngology (ENT) and head and neck surgery, with particular expertise in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.


Having obtained his FMH specialization in ENT, Dr. Berthier continued his training by specializing further in plastic and aesthetic surgery. His career also includes a series of in-depth training courses in cosmetic surgery of the face and neck.


Thanks to this unique combination of skills in ENT and cosmetic surgery, Dr. Berthier offers his patients a comprehensive and personalized approach to meet their specific needs in facial and cervical surgery. His goal is to improve not only the aesthetic appearance, but also the functionality and quality of life of his patients.


Choosing an ENT specialist with expertise in face and neck surgery, such as Dr. Jacques Berthier, is essential to guarantee optimal and safe results. His extensive training and professional experience allows him to offer highly specialized care and provide solutions tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

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