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The Lecher antenna for health
All matter emits vibrations

Antenna Lecher.jpg

"All matter emits vibrations”, this is particularly true for the human body, the balance of which is assessed by measuring the energy fields. This is also true of places that can be crossed by more or less harmful beams for living beings. The same applies to food, animals, medicines... and everything material.


A famous Austrian engineer-physicist, Ernst Lecher (1856-1926) demonstrated the speed of the electromagnetic wave. In 1890, he proved that this wave travels at a speed substantially similar to that of light (300,000 km/sec).


He discovered the principle of vibration measurement, by simply moving a cursor on a conductive loop, bearing the name "Son of Lecher".


The Belgian Professor Walter Kunnen improved the discovery of E. Lecher and made it a useful scientific instrument for therapists, in order to harmonize the being.


The Lecher antenna therefore works with a transmitter (a subject) and a receiver (the practitioner), like a radio or television set. Lecher's antenna is held by both hands and when it encounters the desired wavelength, it vibrates and tilts.


The Lecher antenna for health used by the practitioner Didier Wehrung makes it possible to detect the electromagnetic fields which are in interaction between the electric and magnetic currents and it ...

Measures energy balance to restore harmony in all parts of the body and beyond !

The techniques practiced with the intention and purpose of the well-being of the person, in the absence of diagnosis and therapeutic treatment, are in no way similar, neither in content nor in objectives, to medical practice.

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