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Massage therapy :
therapy that works the body as a whole

Massage therapy is a holistic manual therapy that affects the whole body. It mainly concentrates its action on the muscles and joints, with the aim of improving or maintaining the physical abilities of the person who receives it.


What is massage therapy?

Etymologically speaking, massage therapy means "massage that heals". This ancestral therapeutic technique, which has existed for thousands of years, was already used by our ancestors in many other cultures and civilizations and includes a wide variety of manual techniques. Despite differences in philosophy and types of manipulation, these techniques share several common points. Thus, the main objectives of massage therapy are to promote relaxation (muscular and nervous), blood and lymphatic circulation, assimilation and digestion of food, elimination of toxins, proper functioning of vital organs and awakening. to mind-body awareness.


As we know it today, massage therapy has simply been perfected, refined, and modernized so that touch becomes a more structured approach. Finally, the opinion of specialists in this therapeutic technique.

Our expert massage therapist

Laura Delahaye.jpeg
Laura Delahaye is a skilled practitioner of both yoga and massage therapy, who has combined her knowledge to develop a unique approach to help individuals with pain relief, injury recovery, regulation of the body, alignment, posture and more. 
With an innate talent for reading the body, Laura tailors each session to meet the specific needs of the client, resulting in a personalised and effective experience.
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