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Didier Wehrung

Psycho-emotional therapy and therapeutic hypnosis




Didier Wehrung is a bio-energetician, specialized in psycho-emotional therapies. After more than 30 years of working with renowned scientists, energy therapists, various natural care practitioners... and thanks to a high level of expertise, he now puts his knowledge and know-how at the service of the greatest number, to offer you holistic solutions, in order to find an interior well-being and to preserve the Unity body-mind which is our perfect essence.


In addition to psycho-emotional therapy, Didier Wehrung offers various other techniques, including magnetic resonance analysis, therapeutic hypnosis against addictions, energy healing, reflexochromy, and the Lecher antenna for health, to bringing harmony, balance and lasting transformation to his patients.

In addition, he also works in close collaboration with Doctor Michael Veber who is also concerned about your well-being and your inner beauty, in order to prepare you psychologically for all his interventions. For this, Didier Wehrung uses an energy method unique in Europe, to put you in optimum condition, with deep respect for your body and your true being. The impact of this method allows you a gentle and lasting approach to all of Doctor Michael Veber's interventions, both emotionally (anxiety, doubts, self-image, etc.) and physical (apprehension, pain, etc.).


This method is a real preparation and a unique individualized experience!

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