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Psycho-emotional therapy
  with the "Desarzens Method"

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Thanks to this very gentle and non-invasive method, during which the patient is comfortably lying on his back, dressed, supported by therapeutic music and accompanied step by step by the practitioner, he can experience a therapy that has been proven for almost 30 years. years, developed in Switzerland by a trained naturopath: Claude Desarzens (1941-2022).

It is to meet the ever-increasing demand for help in the event of ill-being, psycho-emotional blockages, existential and relational problems, that we offer you this personal care technique.


The psycho-energetic therapist Didier Wehrung followed the teaching given by Claude Desarzens for several years, then he received the "transmission" of his know-how and his experience, in order to practice today an exceptional technique of energy care. ... never encountered elsewhere.


The main conditions treated with the most success: pain of unknown origin, lack of energy, fatigue, anxieties, anxiety, phobias, lack of self-confidence, difficulty in letting go, identifying with oneself and taking distance , anger, sadness, fears, difficulty in mourning, in managing losses and breakups, depressive states, relational, existential and spiritual problems, fear of death, lack of grounding, lack of confidence in life, negative thoughts , blockages, respiratory limitation, insomnia, etc…


The care and energy "operations" are different, personalized and evolving, at each consultation.


The impact of this therapy allows a lasting transformation at the physical, psychic, emotional, energetic, relational and existential level, with a deep respect for your body and your true being.


We can notice, with time and experience, that many physical disorders decrease or disappear when we have treated the psycho-emotional, energetic, or even karmic cause. It is in everyone's interest to take this into account and to bear in mind the holistic vision of the human being.

These treatments bring well-being and relaxation and also help to identify the emotions that are at the origin of disorders. They open the heart and the mind.

The techniques practiced with the intention and purpose of the well-being of the person, in the absence of diagnosis and therapeutic treatment, are in no way similar, neither in content nor in objectives, to medical practice.

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