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Epigenetic test:
plan your health

At Capital Care, we believe that youth is more than just a matter of numbers. That's why we've created a revolutionary approach to help you understand and preserve your biological age with the GenKnowMe company. Genknowme is an innovative company specializing in personalized prevention solutions, which has developed a revolutionary epigenetic blood test. This test aims to measure the impact of lifestyle on biological age, providing a unique perspective on epigenetic health.


What is the Epigenetic Test?

Genknowme's epigenetic test is a major breakthrough that allows us to assess how lifestyle influences gene activity without changing the DNA sequence itself.


This test focuses on chemical changes in DNA, which can indicate the effect of lifestyle choices and environment on overall health and aging.


How does it work?

The test works by analyzing a blood sample to detect epigenetic changes in the DNA. These changes are indicators of how lifestyle, such as diet, exercise, stress and sleep, affects health at a molecular level.


The result provides an accurate assessment of biological age versus chronological age, guiding personalized preventive actions for healthy aging.


Our partner : Genknowme

Founded in 2019 by a team of passionate scientists, Genknowme is an innovative Swiss startup specializing in life sciences. Located at the Biopôle of the University of Lausanne, it offers an innovative approach to DNA analysis to support health professionals by evaluating the reversible effects of behavior on genes. This genetic analysis aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and preserve youth. Capital Care collaborates with Genknowme to offer these services in Geneva.
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