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Acupuncture & Chinese medicinean approach that influences both body and mind


What is the Chinese method ?

The method of traditional Chinese medicine using acupuncture aims to rebalance your energy, that is to say yin and yang, which are precisely linked to precise parameters. 

Concepts that make it possible to diagnose the conditions and other energy imbalances of each patient: 

Yin is linked to cold, emptiness and is internal;

Yang is related to warmth, fullness and is external 

These notions combined with the natural laws on the five elements: earth, fire, metal, water, wood 

Observation of the patient's eyes, teeth, hair, attitude, complexion, pulse, tongue. 

The correspondence of these diagnostic compartments has allowed over time the masters of Chinese medicine to derive a result in the form of an energy balance. 

The result makes it possible to determine treatments for each patient, 

Better still to give a singular distinction for many pathologies.

Thus, in our C E D À T school, we were able to learn more than 60 pathologies with their etiologies, symptomatologies, treatments, treatment analysis. 

As you can see in Chinese medicine we do not stop at the apprehension of points but a real rebalancing of yin and yang to keep the patient in good health or to treat him when he is affected. 

We can therefore have preventive and curative therapy at our disposal.

Our expert acupuncture & Chinese medicine


Richard has over 10 years of experience as a therapist. He obtained two major diplomas in Acupuncture (MTC) and General Medicine in Geneva, which gives him solid expertise in these fields.


Thanks to his extensive training and dedication to his patients, Richard is able to provide quality, personalized care to meet each individual's needs.

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