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Experience ultimate comfort with insoles Rhenwing 


Interested in a revolutionary walking experience? Look no further than Rhenwing Premium Hybrid insoles, specially designed for Capital Care. Made in Switzerland and featuring patented technology, these high-end insoles provide unparalleled comfort and optimal performance for all types of sports shoes.

Here's what makes Rhenwing Premium Hybrid insoles so exceptional:

  1. Unique thermoformability: The arch support adapts perfectly to the shape of your foot from the very first use, thanks to a quick thermoforming process in less than 5 minutes.

  2. Self-forming : Get a personalized impression of your foot for customized comfort and support.

  3. Optimal cushioning : Enjoy additional cushioning across the entire foot, reducing muscle fatigue and protecting your muscles and joints during exercise.

  4. Foot stabilization : The internal structure of the insole prevents lateral and forward-backward movements, thus reducing the risk of ankle sprains.

  5. Perfect balance : Rhenwing Premium Hybrid insoles offer an ideal balance between shock absorption and energy return for easier propulsion.

  6. Anti-ingrown toenail protection : Patented metatarsal head braking technology prevents ingrown toenails and reduces muscle contraction in the thighs and shins on inclined terrain.

  7. Antifungal and absorbent coating : Complying with OEKO-TEX standards, the coating absorbs moisture up to 10 times its volume with a dry touch and dries in less than 2 hours.

  8. Exceptional durability: Rhenwing Premium Hybrid insoles resist hostile and abrasive environments for increased longevity.

Don't wait any longer to give your feet the comfort and support they need. Try Rhenwing Premium Hybrid insoles today and discover the difference for yourself! (4).jpg

Rhenwing insoles: comfort and performance for everyone

Rhenwing insoles are designed to provide excellent cushioning, enhanced stability and reduced muscle fatigue. They are suitable for everyone, from amateur athletes and professionals to sedentary and overweight people.

The benefits of Rhenwing insoles include:

  • Protection of joints and tendons

  • Reduced musculoskeletal disorders

  • Adaptation to all foot morphotypes thanks to their self-forming properties (world patent)

These insoles are also effective in relieving various common pathologies, such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, periostitis, ingrown toenails, flat or hollow feet and mild hallux-valgus.

In short, Rhenwing insoles are an ideal solution for those seeking greater comfort and support in their shoes, while improving their sporting performance.

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