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Morpheus 8: The anti-aging treatment that improves skin quality

Laser Tattoo Removal Geneva

25% of Swiss people regret their tattoo. Whether it is an impulsive act, a lost love, an outdated choice of style or a professional incompatibility, the reasons for wanting to remove a tattoo are varied.

· Laser tattoo removal, how does it work?

The laser releases its energy to shatter the ink particles, transforming them into micro-fragments. These are then gradually eliminated by the body.

Dark inks (black, red, blue, green) fade more easily from the skin. On the other hand, light inks (yellow and red) require more effort: several tattoo removal sessions may be necessary.

Our Q-Switched laser ensures no burns, abrasions or scarring. After complete healing, it is even possible to re-tattoo the area.

Laser tattoo removal is suitable for all skin types, whether light, dark or black.


· How to remove a tattoo?

Today, around 20% of Swiss people proudly display a tattoo. This figure is constantly increasing!

Often a youthful choice, 1 in 4 Swiss people end up regretting their ink for various reasons: personal (like an ex-companion) or professional. To get rid of a tattoo or permanent makeup that you no longer like, opt for medical laser tattoo removal.

This method, relating to aesthetic medicine, is the safest and most effective for erasing your tattoo. It is performed by a doctor or dermatologist specializing in tattoo removal, in our laser center in Geneva.

Capital Care stands out as a laser tattoo removal center in Geneva, where treatment is provided by a doctor, from A to Z.

The assistant begins by removing makeup from the face then the doctor programs the device according to the characteristics of the skin and the area treated and carries out the session.

The needles used are very fine and penetrate the skin without any real pain. For the sake of comfort, an anesthetic cream is applied before the session.

The needles penetrate to a depth of between one and eight millimeters, which allows different thicknesses of skin to be treated with the same effectiveness.

Once the needles have reached the adipose tissue, Morpheus 8 has a triple action:

  • Contraction of connective tissue for firming and better elasticity.

  • Subnecrotic warming to treat skin depressions.

  • Coagulation and reduction of subcutaneous fatty tissues.

The Morpheus8 session lasts between 30 to 60 minutes. A treatment includes 4 sessions spaced 3 weeks apart depending on the condition of the skin.

· On which areas can laser tattoo removal be performed?

Tattoo removal is possible on all areas of the face and body, such as the arms, legs, neck, face, buttocks, back, chest, feet or even hands, for example.

Eyebrow tattoo removal is also very popular with our patients wishing to remove their permanent makeup. Our pigment laser is also effective in removing pigmented areas such as brown spots on the skin.

Additionally, it can bleach hair: this hair bleaching procedure, called “bleaching,” helps depigment dark hairs that darken the skin. It is a complementary technique to laser hair removal, in cases where skin hair removal is not possible.

· Eyebrow tattoo removal: how to remove permanent makeup?

Permanent eyebrow makeup has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, as with any other tattoo, regrets may arise. Thanks to the advanced Q-Switched laser technology present in our laser centers, it is now possible to perform eyebrow tattoo removal.

Remove your tattoo effectively thanks to the best technology and expert doctors in Geneva.

· The price to remove a tattoo or permanent makeup in Geneva

The price of the laser tattoo removal session depends on the size of the tattoo.

The price of permanent eyebrow makeup or laser tattoo removal is given per session, all taxes included, starting from CHF 179.- . This price is established with the doctor during the first consultation (offered by Capital Care).

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Our team is made up of a recognized surgeon, Dr. Michael Veber, and the psycho-energetician Didier Wehrung. Qualified and experienced for many years, they welcome you for all types of interventions or care. Dr Veber covers a large number of specialties such as breast, buttocks and facial surgery, but also cutting-edge techniques in aesthetic medicine. Didier Wehrung offers psycho-emotional therapy, therapeutic hypnosis against addictions, reflexochromia, Quantum magnetic resonance analysis, Lecher Antenna for health...



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